Since 1993, our main task has been to satisfy our clients’ needs by offering them technological, innovative solutions in electrical and electronic areas, employing cutting-edge technology under international high-quality standards.

Highly qualified professionals

Fábricas Argentinas is made up of highly qualified professionals, committed to continuous improvement at the service of the technological quality we offer our clients.
Our team is highly qualified and specialized in providing custom-made, innovative, cutting- edge solutions. This is how we achieve the most demanding standards of reliability and efficiency, providing our clients the quality they require

Integral Service
Comprehensive service in the life of the project
We offer a comprehensive service throughout the life of the project, from hardware and software development to industrialization and mass production of electronic products and systems.
Customer Orientation
Engineering or Parts Manufacturing

We provide integral service throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from hardware and software development to industrialization and serial manufacturing of electronic products and systems. We also provide partial services such as engineering development and component manufacturing, components or final product, according to the quality and technical requirements demanded by our clients.

Quality Guarantee
Quality Guarantee in Services and Products

Our continuous improvement policy guarantees the highest quality of the products and services we provide.

Flexibility and Agility
We are your technical partner

We work with high capability for adaptation and in close collaboration to reduce the time market and costs. We are the technological partner for your project, offering a flexible, reliable integral service along with an agile implementation.

Supply of inputs at the international level

We have ample experience in providing supplies at an international level, as well as in exporting products and services.