Hardware and Software Development

Our engineering team has extensive experience in developing Hardware and Software solutions, allowing us to collaborate with our clients from the conception of the project where we define the design of the printed circuit board (PCB), selecting the most suitable components through specialized tools, and providing product validation. We assist the project from its placement into series production to the management of its obsolescence.

Industry and Product Engineering

We integrate product development into real supplying of materials, according to availability, costs, and industrial logistics. Wedefine processes, terms, methods, equipment and specific testing design, guaranteeing product’s quality and reliability.


Prototyping phase aims to evaluate and verify the design as well as the correct performanceof a product or project, in accordance with the stipulated technicalrequirements. This phase results in the technical and industrial evaluation of the project, within the industrial implementation costs and terms. Clients have direct access to the results of the evaluation, values and traceability of the units.


Our manufacturing team has vast experience in electrical and electronic manufacturing, with continuing education in IPC610, IPC620 and IECQ HSPM QC080000. This allows us to guarantee high-quality manufactured products within the most demanding quality standards. Our productive capacity adapts to every client’s needs, either on a small, medium or large scale. We are prepared for assembly-line production of circuit boards, electronic cable harnesses, assembly of components, and final integration of manufactured electrical and electronic products.   We provide: Surface-mount technology (SMD) prepared to assemble high complexity components. Reflow oven for tin. Assembly of through-hole components by wave soldering. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment. Capability to perform generical and specific functional, electrical tests. Automatic cut, strip, and crimp machines, designed to process different kinds of wire and cable. Rocker arms designed to crimp electrical and electronic connectors. Electrical rack cabling system. Electromechanical assembly line for parts and finished products. Traceability systems at component level, with registration of each of the manufacturing steps and tests carried out.

Product Improvement

We systematically monitor the components market evolution, so as to verify obsolescence and to plan the life cycle of the product, anticipating possible modifications and minimizing risks. We offer our clients competitive advantage and improvement of their products by evaluating components according to the best features and costs.