Sectors of activity

In Fábricas Argentinas, we understand the importance of being able to adapt and respond quickly to changes and opportunities that may arise in a dynamic, competitive global environment. This is why we work continuously with the purpose of improving our productive efficiency in the face of these changes.
Our consolidated experience in a wide range of industries since 1993 entails knowledge and information exchange. This way, the know-how of key elements acquired in a unit business can benefit in other units’ challenges, promoting continuous innovation.


We have ample experience manufacturing interconnection harnesses and devices in the automotive industry, including AVL, alarms and fleet vehicle monitoring systems.


Our experience in the road industry consists of traffic controller systems and traffic lights systems. We adapt our actions to the updates of road safety regulations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The presence of interconnection systems is increasing; therefore, we have thrown ourselves into designing and manufacturing the necessary electronics that allow communication and data management. For these new applications, we offer our extensive experience working in varied industries, enriching this area with our knowledge in other industries


We design and manufacture medical electrical equipment, working with companies in the healthcare industry as your reference Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for highly complexity products.


We have been working with companies in the industrial sector since the beginning of our activity, providing services throughout the entire life cycle of the product.
Our operational capacity involves response and service with a wide range of solutions that allows us to look after our clients’ requirements, turning us into a model of electronic manufacturing.
We are leaders in the sector due to our productive capacity as well as the flexibility of our means of production. We provide and guarantee our clients the service they demand, from small to large scale serial production.


We have acquired knowledge in manufacturing cable harnesses for rack cables in switchgear among other specific types.